all things are like the void and cloudless sky



130 cm x 190 cm.2014

tangible feelings about intangible things



rare double-misprint shirt from an eBay listing

Abandoned honeymoon resort, Pocono Mountains

Jenny HolzerDie fast and quiet…(from the Survival Series) 1990.
screenprint on brushed aluminum

“‘Does someone love me?’ That was your question. That’s everyone’s question.”


Richard Serra
Verb List, 1967-68

i am alive and i am bored. when i cut myself shaving i pause and watch the blood drip. i don’t cry anymore. i watch myself in a mirror but i don’t know what i look like. i sleep in an expensive dress. i wake up with my nails pressed into my palms. in the morning i drink coffee. in the afternoon i drink coffee. after dinner i drink coffee. at night i think of you. i have almost forgotten the way you whispered you loved me when you fucked me the last time i ever saw you. i can’t forget the way my headlights smashed out when i crashed the car with you in the passenger seat. i lay in bed in the morning and i remember that i still exist. when it snows i can’t walk too close to the edge of the sidewalk. when i get on a bus i want to say i’m sorry i almost splattered myself across your front window that day. i’m sorry. despite all my best efforts i realize that someday someone is going to know me. i drip candle wax down my stomach and i peel it off. i think about you somewhere halfway across the world. you’re dreaming and i’m dreaming and i want to ask you to dream me a dream where nothing dies. i want to ask you, “am i real?” you are awake and i don’t know if i know how love feels. it’s raining outside and my front door squeaks when i open it. i am alive and i am full of joy.

please keep up